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You've never seen a class like this! Burn calories, build strength, and increase your coordination all in one class! The hour passes by quickly because of the timed stations, unique and fun exercises, awesome partners, and encouraging instructors! This class incorporates challenging workout stations designed to push anyone to the next level! You get an intense overall workout while allowing you to progress at your own pace. A winning and fun combination of aerobic, weight training, and body weight exercises like you've never seen! This class is very popular for all fitness levels and age groups!

The instructor and students will cheer you on and help you improve. Elite students have supplemented their training with this class to help prepare for events like Tough Mudder, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions in addition to overall fitness.

Train hard and get results with Smash Gyms Boot Camp. We will help you to meet your goals for a healthier lifestyle and fitter you. Flatten that stomach, slim those thighs tone those arms and drop the pounds. It can happen for you! 

Finally Get Results

Stop feeling self-conscious about your body and always feeling tired. Smash Boot Camp has they approach that will finally get results for you. No more wasting money on products or programs that don’t work. No more baggy clothes or staying home when you want to be out having fun. Start feeling better physically and mentally today by joining in with the Smash Boot Camp program. You can do it. It is an intense program but can be adjusted for anyone. So if you are someone that is extremely over weight, have mobility issues or high blood pressure this is still a program for you. Then before you know it you’ll be feeling better and looking fit.

Have Fun

Using the boot camp in Smash means a program that only works but keeps you encourage to keep up the work. There is no boredom here as with traditional exercise programs. You won't be starved using a fad diet that usually doesn't work anyway. You'll also stop throwing money away on gym memberships that don't work and pills or supplements that are a waste. Learn to exercise the right way that will get results and notice you are enjoying the journey as well. The Smash Boot Camp staff ensures each participant does each exercise correctly each and every time. They know how to keep everyone moving with a smile on their face. Everyone is dedicated to getting you to your goal and will help make every aspect lead you there.

Instant Support System

You're not on your own anymore! We won't let don't give up. You might be telling yourself you'll get fit someday then why not today it is better to start now to see results quicker. You might be telling yourself it isn't worth it because nothing works. Remember you need to try it and see because Smash Boot Camp does work. You won't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in public anymore thinking people are looking at you pointing to laughing. Know that your fitness goal is attainable and it starts today with the boot camp in Smash.

It is up to you. Just don't put it off any longer because that toned body is waiting for you. Don't be discouraged by the words boot camp because with this program you are your only competition and you push yourself. Our staff will help motivate you to a healthier you. You'll finally get the body, health and energy you want. We are here to help you and we know you can do it!

"This is my favorite class. Every station brings a new challenge and the hour just flies by!" - Julia

"It's muscle confusion! Your body can not get used to it so you never plateau. You make gains every class." -Matt  

You can do all of your fitness training at Smash. You will not need personal training. You will not need to wander around 24-hour fitness and wonder what silly machine you can do next. Smash Gyms offers a safe path to help you reach all your fitness goals.


Asher is a certified athletic trainer and kettlebell instructor. He graduated with his Master’s Degree in Athletic Training from San Jose State University after moving from Ohio in 2009.

While working as the assistant athletic trainer for the university’s football team he was exposed to kettlebells for the first time. Impressed by the challenging workouts kettlebells provided him, he quickly decided he wanted to be part of the cause.

As a SFG I Kettlebell Instructor, Asher strives to work his clients hard and efficiently while implementing healthy lifestyle habits. Asher stays in shape by enjoying the outdoors through trail running and hiking. He continues to weight train and practice jujitsu. 









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"This review is for the Kids Martial Arts and Smash and Bash Bootcamp held at Smash Gyms. I was referred to Smash Gyms by a family member who trains in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Smash Gyms. The atmosphere in the gym is very welcoming to all. My son, who is 9 years old, took a liking to the Kids Martial Arts class on the very first day. His confidence, discipline, and knowledge of self defense has rapidly developed since enrolling in this school. He insists that he wants to continue to train daily. The instructors leading the Kids Martial Arts program do an excellent job working with the children. Parents can work out during the kids' class as well. I have taken the Smash and Bash Bootcamp while my son is training. This also is an awesome, challenging, and very convenient class for any parent wanting a great workout while their child is training. The instruction, workouts and gym have been a positive experience. I would recommend that anyone who is interested begin by enrolling in the free week trials offered at Smash Gyms." - Alex R

"Amazing, organized, and fun kids classes. Focuses on kids fitness and technique. Great kettlebell class. The instructor is very experieced and detailed. They also have kickboxing, Krav Maga, jujitsu, Zumba, and bootcamp classes. I can't wait till I can find time to do them all." - M. Kelly

"Generally, I hate walking into gyms for the first time and having to "consult" with pushy sales people trying to get you to buy a membership at their gym before you try it out (ie. Fitness 19, Club One, 24 Hour Fitness). So it was nice to walk into Smash Gyms and not have them try to sell you on multiple types of plans. I was able to try different types of classes first using the Amazon Locals deal. After taking the kickboxing class, I was pretty much sold! The boot camp classes are also pretty awesome. I've been a member now for about a month and managed to lose 15 pounds!! Perks = no more dieting and watching my calories! As for how this compares with other kickboxing gyms, I've only tried one other kickboxing gym (Unlimited MMA in Milpitas). It was okay but I like the atmosphere here better--not as intimidating and the people are nicer. Also, this gym is closer to the freeways, makes it easier to hop on back to the 237 or 101 after working out. If you have any kids, there's a play room area and they also have martial arts classes for kids." - Mary N.

"Smash Gyms offers an excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program with excellent and knowledgeable instructors. Furthermore, the atmosphere is very welcoming, and we learn not only from the instructors but also from each other, as everyone here is willing to help each other out. Definitely the best place to go!
- Thaibinh

Came here for a week trial of unlimited classes! Got to try out kickboxing which was very intense since I had only tried out cardio kickboxing classes before. The instructors were all super helpful anywhere from helping newcomers with the equipment to technique tips. " - Stacey L

"This place rocks! The atmosphere is very friendly and casual, not intimidating at all. People (staff and clients) are friendly and helpful. Walk in the door and Rudy will help you out on what you need to get you started.I tried out the circuit training at noon, kickboxing, and zumba. Circuit training is great workout, small class and personal attention. Zumba is only as good as the instructor, and Raquel is energetic and fun. Kickboxing is pads and mitts, not the kick in the air stuff, good workout, and the instructors walk around to make sure people's forms are correct. Though your workout quality do depend on a decent partner.The only complain I have of this place is no shower, other than that, it's perfect. ." - Viola C.

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